Welcome to Bayou Bonefest

We believe in One Tribe

One Tribe Philosophy


We believe that the idea of One Tribe is possible. 

We believe that to become One Tribe, we cannot exclude, ridicule or condemn one philosophy, religion, or path over another. 

We believe that One Tribe is achieved through diversity and individuality, but standing together, united. 

One Tribe is about family and community, celebrating all paths and walks of life. Accepting your neighbor, for who they are! 

Those who are part of The Swamp - One Tribe (Facebook Group), as well as those who are not, are invited to come experience the One Tribe philosophy through Bayou Bonefest!

At Bayou Bonefest, you will be given the opportunity to spend time learning a variety of skills and practices from some of the most talented workers in the industry. Real-life tools that you can use on your own. 

Come join us – for celebration, education, and networking! 

Bayou Bonefest is the place to be! 

ALL are welcome - No matter your path, religion, knowledge or skill level! All ethnicities, spiritual or educational backgrounds, gender identities, sexual preferences, or philosophies, are welcomed! 

No belief is shunned, no ideas dismissed! 

So leave your hesitations and judgement at the door, and come see for yourself! 

To truly understand it, one must experience it! 

Please note – One Tribe, The Swamp and Bayou Bonefest are NOT Hoodoo/Voodoo-specific – ALL beliefs and paths are welcome. 

 (Artist Photo Credit: S.T. Lewis, 2010)