Welcome to Bayou Bonefest 2018

June 22 - 24, 2018

New Orleans, Louisiana


Friday 7PM @ The Dragon's Den

  • Meet & Greet - come say hi and visit with folks like Miss Sha', Miss Avi Bea, Mr. Kelly, Papa Gilly, Robert 'Dok Crow' Deans
  • Music and entertainment

Saturday @ The Maison

Master of Ceremonies: Mr. Kelly

A full day of events is planned. 

  • Swamp Tour in the morning
  • Classes/Workshops all day
  • Vendor booths

Sunday @ The Maison

Another full day (and evening) of events. 

Master of Ceremonies: Mr. Kelly

  • New Orleans Cemetery Tour and a visit to Marie Laveau
  • Classes/Workshops all day
  • Special Guests: Sen Moise & Mama Starr Casas

Mistress of Ceremonies (Evening events): Miss Bearykah Badu

  • Swamp Witch Masquerade Ball
  • Games, giveaways, and much more . . . 

VIP Pass or Build Your Own

There are two great ways to purchase your tickets for Bayou Bonefest 2018:

  1. A Full VIP package to ALL events for the entire 3 days, or  
  2. A build your own weekend package so you can attend only those activities that you are interested in. 

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Bayou Bonefest 2018

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