Bayou Bonefest 2018 Special guests

Toni Maurice-Milburn

Conjurewoman extraordinaire, Miss Toni, will be graciously teaching two different classes. 

What is Conjure: Discussing the differences between Hoodoo and Voodoo and other various paths. 

Connecting with Inner Self: Connecting with your intuition using meditation, crystals and herbs. 

Miss Avi Bea

 You ALL know her voice when she says, "Hey Hoodoo Loves" - come lend an ear as she teaches us:

Hoodoo Smart: Getting more bang for your buck, magically! Tips, tricks and unorthodox tactics for getting more out of magic. Thinking outside the box and practicing the living tradition of modern hoodoo. 

Candle Reading: The art of divination through wax! Learn to read your spell candles as they burn, for a deeper understanding of how your work will unfold and how to make  your results more powerful. 

Stacey Tallitsch

As a priest of Palo Mayombe, Stacey has been practicing the ATR's for more than 30 years in both Santeria and Palo. Stacey has an amazing background! Be sure to ask him about his experience as a professional Remote Viewer, in the private sector, funded by the US Military.  

Spiritual warfare:  A Spiritual Warrior must be adapt in all matters of defense. Learn Justice vs. Revenge; Remedy vs. Curse; Defense vs. Offense.  Level your playing field with: 

  • Binding 
  • Banishing 
  • Domination 
  • Return to Sender 
  • Covenant Conjure - Defense against the black arts. 

Moma Sarah

Moma Sarah is the sole proprietor of Conjured Cardea, a full-service botanica which provides conjure supplies, rootwork services and readings. Conjured Cardea was created in 2007 as a much needed, reactionary balance to commercial supply shops. The sole focus was to literally take rootwork back to it's roots by providing traditional practices and natural tools to the public. Moma Sarah has served the public as an ordained reverend, teacher and rootworker for 17 years with clients in over 100 countries  

Ms. Wendi

Have you ever met an 'Herb Whisperer'? This is your chance! Come sit a spell and learn all about our relationship with herbs. 

Ms. Wendi's Hoodoo Material Magicka: You are invited to come meet a few of my closest friends. 

While most herb books offer a speed dating style introduction, this class is the E-Harmony version. Learn more than paint-by-the numbers herbal magic by getting to know the personality and characteristics of each plant. 

Alyssa Olsen

Alyssa, our voice of knowledge in all things haunted and possessed, is returning this year - back by popular demand! 


Enchanted Items & Dolls: Has the Spirit been human before? Are they attracted to Place or Person? How to Safeguard/determine if Spirit is Friendly.    Best practices for communication. 

Robert 'Doktor Crow' Deans

"Ladies and Gentlemen,

Saints and Sinners. . . 

Come get wicked with me,

As I take you down the Crooked Path 

As the Crow flies. . . "

The Doktor is in!

Sean Black

Norse pagan shaman
My path, as I define it, is the empowerment of self, family, kindred, tribe and nation, of Mind Body and Spirit, as our ancestors would, using every tool available. Cultivating my folksoul and the foulksoul of others. Keeping open the ways between worlds. This path is over four hundred thousand years old, nothing new about it at all. When shaman are needed shaman are there, indigenous to every culture as I am to mine.

Connecting to ancestors and developing their power within you opens new esoteric opportunities. We will take steps down the path to your ancient blood to Supercharge your work by learning how to develop this connection and walk with me through your DNA. Lets meet your ancestors together in an assisted meditation!


Miss Janae Catt: Entertainment Diva

Miss Janae Catt has been singing for the public since the tender age of 8 months. Hailed as a powerhouse performer in her native Miami, Florida, she is a founding cast member of the South Beach Cabaret and mothership of the band Cosmic Voyage. 

Since the release of her solo-artist single "Past the Pain" in 2014, she has headlined Miami Beach Pride 2015 and performed in NYC and Berlin. As an actress, she has also starred in various stage plays and short films, including "The Psychic Back Burner", which premiered at the Cannes Film Festival in 2015. 

Bayou BoneFest is her official NOLA debut.  

Wait til you get a load of her pipes!! A feast for the senses! 

Miss Bearykah Badu: Mistress of Ceremonies

Miss Bearykah Badu is truly a multi-facted Queen! 

Currently residing in Berlin, Germany, she is known as Eastern Europe’s premiere drag bear of R&B and bearded lady of Soul, but in her native Bermuda Triangle, she is best known as an original pejorative oracle. 

Trained in the exquisite arts of divination, she opened her first astrological services bureau in 1990, later attaining degrees in theatre arts, psychology, anthropology, linguistics, and natural & traditional medicine. 

As Bayou Bonefest's official Mistress of Ceremonies, this is one bearded lady that can Turn the Party Out!! You don't wanna miss this, Hunty!!!  

Miss Sha' - Swamp Witch

Swamp Witch Extraordinaire

Bayou Queen

And the creative half of Inexplicable Things

Miss Sha' has been on her unique path for nearly 4 decades. Surrounded by magick and conjure as a child, true to her roots is how she was raised.  When asked to describe herself, Miss Sha' will say:  Country Girl * Army Veteran * Bayou Queen * Bowhunter * Pirate * Swamp Witch 

There are rumors that Miss Sha' may be teaching a baneful liver working workshop! 

Mr. Kelly: Spiritual Shaman & Master of Ceremonies

* The dark is afraid of him 

* Werewolves are jealous of his beard

* He never wears a watch because time is on his side 

* His two cents are worth $37 & change 

* He is everyone’s favorite Viking pirate, with great hair and nice ink!  

* He is the Business Brains behind Inexplicable Things & the master mind behind Bayou Bonefest! 

He IS, the most interesting man in the Swamp ! 

Buy that man a drink!!