Hotel Accomodations

Bayou Bonefest 2018 has partnered with The Frenchman Hotel to provide you the best possible experience during your visit. For reservations, and to take advantage of the discounted room rate, you must CALL the hotel. 

When you call, let them know you are with Bayou Bonefest and have a block code of “Gumbeaux”. 

Rooms are available for June 21st through the 25th, but space is limited so don’t wait. This particular weekend in NOLA has several large events happening, so rooms will fill up fast! 

The Frenchman Hotel

417 Frenchmen St, New Orleans, Louisiana 70116, United States


Travel Tips

Meeting Places

Whether you are planning on splitting up or not it is still a good idea to have a predetermined meeting place.  


Bags with zippers or pockets that are exposed in the back are an easy target for pick-pockets. Take only what you will need for the day. It’s always a good idea to travel with your ID, some money, and some water but anything else that you can leave in the safety of your hotel room, the better. 

Valuables / Money

Do not count your money in public. As much as possible, keep your money out of sight. And use small denominations - try to avoid paying for items with large bills. And try to store valuables in your front pockets. The front pockets of your pants or jackets are the safest place for your valuables as they are not so easily accessed by a thief, and items are less likely to fall out. 

Avoid Suspicious Activity & Panhandlers

Remain vigilant and be on the lookout for behavior that looks odd or makes you uncomfortable. And, when approached by someone saying that they 'bet they can tell you where you got your shoes' - just walk away. Or, tell them "I got them on my feet!" and walk away! 


It is likely that there will be large crowds and many people trying to do or see the same things that you are. Be patient with those around you and anticipate having to wait in lines or navigate through crowds. Carry hand sanitizer with you. Lots of germs and diseases can accompany large cities and crowds - Make sure your good health is a priority. 

Uber or Lyft

When traveling across the city use Uber or Lyft instead of a cab service. No money is exchanged and it is more reliable.